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Tradition and efficiency forever 


Cushioning and support 

The curly strands of horsehair function as tiny springs that provide extra support and optimize the operation of our micro-spring systems, giving unique stability and flexibility. Our horsehair is thermobonded with latex to enhance its strength, integrity and elasticity. 


Ventilation and natural aeration 

At the same time, they act as capillary vessels that absorb and expel moisture, drying almost immediately and allowing free circulation of air between their strands. 



It does not contain any type of allergenic substance, so it does not cause any type of allergy. It is an organic material with anti-mite, antirheumatic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.




An essential accessory when resting 


Cotton comes from the fiber of cotton seeds. The best qualities are appreciated for their fineness, purity, brightness, and especially their fiber length.


Protective and sensitive 

It is a dermatologically tested fabric, which attenuates and helps prevent the risks of irritation, itching, infections and allergies. Soft and pleasant to the touch, it provides maximum protection to the skin in contact with it. 

Resistant and antistatic 

It is a flexible fabric that does not accumulate static electricity. In addition, cotton has a high resistance to tearing and rubbing and a great absorbent power. Cotton fabrics do not pill 

Breathability par excellence 

Breathable and cool, it keeps the bed dry and free of moisture. It is a very porous fiber and thanks to this it achieves an ideal aeration for use at rest.





The queen of wool 


Mohair wool is a luxurious fiber made from the hair of the Angora goat, native to Turkey. Unlike wool, which is curly, mohair hair is smooth, very shiny, regular and very fine. This type of fiber generates very soft, firm fabrics with insulating properties. 


One of the most remarkable characteristics of mohair is its great resistance, it is also one of the natural fibers with greater elasticity and less tendency to wrinkles. 

Insulating and hygroscopic 

Wool among its many characteristics is that of being a powerful thermal insulator. Thanks to the amount of air between the fibers it can insulate from cold and heat. It can absorb up to 40% of its weight in water without transmitting a sensation of humidity. And also retain up to 15% of water to maintain a certain environmental humidity that is beneficial for health and rest. 


Very resilient and durable, Mohair wool, thanks to its long and smooth fibers, provides strength and firmness without elongation or wrinkles. 


Fireproof by nature, anti-mite and hypoallergenic, it is ideal for its applications in the world of rest.




Elegant fresh and healthy 


Flax fiber is obtained from the stem of the plant from which its name comes. 

Insulator and thermoregulator 

Linen fabric is considered a comfortable and elegant fabric. Fresh and pleasant to the touch, it has properties that facilitate its use: it is insulating as it is a good conductor of heat, which ensures freshness in summer and comfort in winter. It has the capacity to absorb 30% of its weight in water without transmitting a sensation of humidity. 

Strong and protective 

It is anti-bacterial and fungicidal and resistant to UV radiation. In addition, it is an ecological fabric, which resists stretching well, it is twice as resistant as cotton fiber. 


Another fundamental characteristic is its ability to disperse static electricity, which is important for allowing muscle relaxation by preventing the accumulation of cortisol in the human body. Linen relaxes and allows a healthy rest in many ways.




Silk is the finest, most flexible and lightest natural fibre 



It facilitates movement and increases natural rest. Silk adapts to the shape of the body. It does not warp or bulge, maintaining a smooth and slightly bulky surface. Silk is naturally strong, resistant and elastic. 


Does not harm sensitive or irritable skin, does not contain allergens. Due to its properties, silk is naturally very resistant to mites and bacteria, it does not produce odors, nor does it absorb dust. 


Silk is a natural regulator and keeps the body temperature homogeneous throughout the night. In hot weather, silk absorbs and transfers excess heat and moisture to the outside, thereby maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment. When it is cold, due to the air between the silk threads, the heat is kept inside, providing a pleasant warm sensation. 

Softness and relaxation 

Due to its natural components, silk provides a pleasant sensation of softness and tenderness, which produces a relaxing effect on the nervous system, providing a pleasant and regenerating rest at night.

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