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More than 40 years of history have given Magister its current status.


It has been a path of continuous learning, acquired demands and overcome challenges. A career path based on everything related to rest, on the art of sleeping and living. A traditional way of manufacturing, where talent and love for what is well done have always been our constant.


Passion and demand lead us to link old trends with new ones, tradition with innovation. This is the spirit of Magister and this is the mark that we convey in each of our creations.



We are aware of the fact that our priorities and our commitments, everything we work for, research and progress define us.


Each person and their well-being are a priority for us; therefore, we are committed to ensuring the best rest to help you enjoy life to the full.


Our human team is not only a priority, but also our value, our essence as a company and vital project. We commit ourselves first as people and then as professionals, which makes us all be better every day and permanent supporters of Magister´s legacy.


The environment, our atmosphere, our community and, in short, our planet, are a priority today. Committing ourselves to repair and protect them is not only a moral obligation, but a vital need.


We strive every day to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by selecting our materials for their unmatched quality, but also for their sustainability and environmental respect.

la inspiracion


What moves us to be better people, what makes us search for innovation and excellence worldwide is born from inspiration.


A creative stimulus that pushes us to develop better beds, to look for better raw materials and to combine them with great skill, with the sole purpose of providing people with the best rest in the world and the happiest dreams.


And it is there, in Magister's inspiration, where the best dreams are born...

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